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    Cycles in our tanks over the years

    Crusty Old Shellback
    Crusty Old Shellback
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    Cycles in our tanks over the years Empty Cycles in our tanks over the years

    Post by Crusty Old Shellback on Fri May 18, 2012 10:04 am

    A few of us were talking at the meeting and I mentioned how over the years, our tanks can go thru different cycles. I've seen it and I know PaulB on RC has seen several of them.

    Well yesterday i started on the rebuild of my 400. I haven't added anything in the tank in a long time, I'm talking like over a year and that was just fish that were added. I haven't seen any bubble alge in that tank either.

    Well yesterday as I was pulling out some of the rock to clean and store until I can put them back in, I started seeing bubble alge here and there on some of the rock. I know it wasn't there before because this was rock that was up on top where I can see it. This is one of the things I was talking about in how our tanks, like the ocean, can go thru different cycles without us doing anything.

    I've had this tank set up and running in some form or fashion since around July of '05 when I got it. So as you can see, when you have a tank set up for a long period of time, you may just see something new happen in it as it goes thru one of it's cycles.

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