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    Get a survey for free solar. I did - and qualified - now have 8kW on my house.


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    Get a survey for free solar. I did - and qualified - now have 8kW on my house.

    Post by ericpkeith on Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:09 pm

    I know a few of you are home owners, especially one of you who live in Ojai, and grow a lot of coral. Not naming names...but you just built a huge addition with a great roof-line.

    Anyway, I've got a planned pool going in and upgrading from my nano to a 85 gallon --- and my power usage is already too high as I have a old, but large, home. I'm constantly in tier 4, even in the winter, and paying through the nose for power. I got LED lights, high efficiency AC, now what???

    I saw a couple of my neighbors put solar on their roof and I inquired about it. And I'm sure glad I did. Five or ten years ago solar was a bit of a sham-deal as you had to buy it and it cost an arm and a leg. The pay-off was like 30-40 years, e.g. you'd almost never break even on your investment. Now - it's very different and very much a good way to go.

    Solar Today:
    Solar is dirt cheap now. So much so, solar companies are now putting it on your roof for free. In fact most honest companies have converted into "alternative" utility companies. You buy solar energy from them, at Tier 1 rates, that is produced on your roof. You don't want to own and operate a solar panel, no more than you really want to buy a drill. Do you buy a drill because you want to own a drill? No, you buy a drill because you need a hole or need to drive a screw into something.  

    Since I have good credit, a newish roof, with plenty of it exposed to the sun, I found a solar company willing to put 8kW of panels on  my house (32 x 250 watt panels), including upgrading my failing AC mains panel --- all for free! The mains panel upgrade would have cost me $4k alone. I know, because I had it priced out as a function of putting in a pool. In all, I got $45k of equipment professionally installed on my home and all I'm paying them in return is for the right to buy the power they produce. The cost is 15-cents a kW, which is what I'm already paying SoCal Edison, and not a penny more, no matter how much I produce. I'm already saving money and enjoying watching my power meter run backward. Also, the solar company warranties the panels 100%, from soup to nuts, at no cost to me, for the length of our contract.

    You should be. Contact me and I'll provide more details on how you can get a free survey. There is no obligation and no fine print. Either your house qualifies - or it doesn't. You can reserve the right to be as wishy-wasy as you want...and do nothing...even if you qualify.

    1) You must own your home (no renters)
    2) Have a credit score of 650 or better (no collateral needed...just need to verify you pay your bills...just like most services)
    3) Have an electric bill with SoCal Edison

    How legit is this?
    Solar Programs like this one are mandated by the state. In fact, SoCal Edison HAD TO UPGRADE your old meter with a new net-meter in anticipation of this. Also, they are forced to advertise about these programs but don't do a good job of it as they lose revenue. For example, in the summer time, my 8 kw of panels will produce 90% of the power I need. SoCal Edison is going to take a pay-cut...and they don't like it.

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