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    FS: Euro Reef RS 80 Skimmer



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    FS: Euro Reef RS 80 Skimmer

    Post by NoCarrier on Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:40 pm

    I have a Euro Reef RS 80 protein skimmer for sale. It is clean and in great working condition. Still has original Sedra 3500 pump. Looking for $100. I'm in Camarillo. Pictures and details (a bit dated) below.

    The RS Series protein skimmers are the latest addition to the peerless line of Euro-Reef products. Identical in design and performance to the world famous CS Series, the RS Series has established a new benchmark for Quality, Performance, and Value all in one unit. These skimmers are fabricated with the highest quality cell cast sheet and tube material in combination with custom designed mold injected acrylic and PVC parts. Each skimmer comes with a perfectly matched pump that supplies the skimmer with a balanced flow of air and water insuring the best possible performance. The power consumption of these pumps is extremely low because of the reduction in resistance/ drag on the motor when using the Euro-Wheel Pin Wheel impeller. The pumps also run very quietly, enhancing the “seen but not heard” profile in your filtration system. The collection cup is very easy to remove as the RS80 model uses our new patent pending “Euro-Loc” quick disconnect union. This union allows for a “Zero” height clearance requirement for removal of the cup for service. Simply unlock with a 1/3 counter clockwise turn and slide off!! By the end of 2006, the larger models will also be fitted with the new “Euro-Locs”.

    All of these features converge to make the Euro-Reef RS Series protein skimmers one of the most sought after products in the marine aquarium hobby, not only because of the Quality they offer or the Performance they provide, but because of the Value they represent. When the time comes to invest in a protein skimmer, you should expect the most for your money. Get the best product the first time. Get a Euro-Reef!

    Realistic Rating: avg load 80gal; heavy load 50gal
    Comparative Rating: up to 200gal
    Footprint: 9" x 9"
    Height: 22"
    Neck Diameter: 2.5"
    Reaction chamber diameter: 5"
    Reaction chamber volume: 1.02 gallons
    Inlet size: n/a
    Outlet size: 1.25"
    Pump (included): SP2- Euro-Reef modified SEDRA KSP-3500A water pump
    Pump power consumption: 28W @ 115/120 VAC 60hz
    Air intake: 420 lph

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