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    Ecoxotic 25g Starfire Rimless Cube Stand/Skimmer/Lights



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    Ecoxotic 25g Starfire Rimless Cube Stand/Skimmer/Lights

    Post by NanoReefer on Wed May 23, 2012 7:44 pm

    Got this setup not too long ago with the intention of parting out some of it so it'd be easy to move the tank and stand only as I'd be setting it up in a couple of months because I am moving.

    sadly, I have not been able to part out the things I did not want to move so I'm just going to let someone else give this a shot. It's a sweet setup.

    Everything you need, minus livestock/rock/sand.

    Ecoxotic 25g rimless 18"x18"x18" cube with modern stand (same as solana). Tank features 3 panels of starfire glass and a false wall just like Cardiff/Solana.
    Hydor Skimmer
    Current Nova Extreme Pro (6 Bulb T5 20" 4 Months old)
    Original Brushed metal pendant (gutted, missing a part or two)

    350.00 I can include rock an sand for an extra 50.00 if i still have it by the time this sells.

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