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May 2018


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    About MASVC


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    About MASVC

    Post by clownfish14 on Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:04 pm

    MASVC was founded in 2005 by local aquarium enthusiasts in the Ventura County area.
    What started out as an online forum developed by our first president, Rich Overton, has
    evolved into an official club where salt water aquarium hobbyists with interests in full
    blown reef systems or simple fish only displays can get together.

    MASVC has regularly scheduled meetings that are really an open forum to discuss the many
    aspects of keeping your own little piece of the ocean. Though we are a small club
    compared to others in the Southern California region, we have a great diverse
    group with a wide range of experience in the hobby.

    When it comes to sharing knowledge, our folks like to get involved. Club members will often put
    together presentations on items ranging from lighting and flow to proper husbandry
    methods for all types of marine life. We have members who have been in the hobby for up
    to 20 years and some who are in the aquarium supply and livestock trades, so there is
    always a friendly place to get the advice or opinion you are looking for.

    There are great benefits associated with becoming a member of MASVC. There are special
    member-only events such as club parties and BBQ's. Members are also
    eligible for election to club offices, and the right to vote in elections and on other club related
    issues. This is just the beginning! We hope to add more benefits as the club continues to grow.

    If you live in the Ventura County area, and are looking for a great club to join, you've found the
    place. Come join MASVC now and help us grow. You can get involved right now by logging
    on to .

    You don't have to be a member to use the site, so drop by and check us out! Or come by one of
    our meetings and introduce yourself, see how much fun we have, and maybe get involved
    in the great discussions that always pop up at the meetings.

    Masvc President 2010-2012

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