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    A few things for trade


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    A few things for trade

    Post by dwolson2 on Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:04 am

    I have 1000ml(200 gal) BRS bag of bio pellets and about 100ml of NPX(25gal). The BRS is brand new and the NPX is open. I decided I wanted to run GFO instead of biopellets, so I want to trade for a reactor. I would really like a brs reactor, since I already have a single one for carbon right now.

    I also have been looking at changing up my powerheads. I have 2 seio m1500's right now. I hadn't cleaned them in a while, and when I did, I quickly noticed that it was too much flow for my 75. So right now I have 1 in my tank. What I would liketo tradefor is either 2 hydors or tunzes that are around 800-1000 gph or 1 vortech MP10 I am looking for something smaller with a broad flow.

    Also, I have a mag 7 return pump that I have thought about upgrading to like a mag11/12.

    As long as I end up with a powerhead and a reactor for gfo, I am up for any combination of trades.


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