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September 2018


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    Very good Carbon for sale


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    Very good Carbon for sale

    Post by scubajaren on Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:14 pm

    If you guys didn't already know I got a job working for Big Brand water Filter Inc. in Newbury Park we sell water that has 4 TDS I have been using it in my tank for the last 4 months and have noticed more growth from my corals and water clarity. If you are driving through Newbury Park and want to try our water your first fill up is on me. Here is our Address
    2088 Anchor Court, Unit B
    Newbury Park Ca 91320

    Back to the Carbon. The owner of the company just let me bag up some of our very good carbon for fish tanks and ponds. I will be selling it for $15.00 for 2 Lbs. The carbon is bone dry so you are actually getting 2 lbs of carbon with no water weight. I'll bring some to the meeting Sunday.
    Here is a pic
    I hope this work dropbox is different now

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