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March 2019


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    Want to buy, Want to trade, Plz let me know!


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    Want to buy, Want to trade, Plz let me know!

    Post by Lido on Sat May 31, 2014 5:15 am

    Hey guys and gals!

    I have decided on what direction I am going with my tank.  I have been looking at photos and checking out display tanks for quite some time now.  Here is my plan.

    On the top 1/3 of my tank I am going to grow SPS and coral with high light and high flow requirements.  

    In the middle third I will be growing chalice, encrusting monti, that kind of stuff.

    at the bottom 1/3 and sand bed I will be growing a euphyllia garden with some welso, tachyphelia and scolimia mixed in.  I am going to start the work on the bottom of my tank first, then build up from there.

    If you or anyone you know has ANY hammers, torches, octospawn, frogspawn, bubble coral, open brains or anything like that please let me know.  I am open to trades, out right buying or whatever.  I will tell you what i currenly have and am NOT looking for.  
    Hammers:  Blue tipped, Green tip, Bi-color purple/green, Tri-color Purple/yellow/green.  Torches: Aussie Gold torch.  Octospawn: none  Frogspawn: Bi Color Green w/ purple tips.

    PLEASE!!! let me know if you have OR see any others, ESPECIALLY the rare ones.

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