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February 2019


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    Reminder: Be very careful when handling Zoas. Fear the palytoxin!


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    Reminder: Be very careful when handling Zoas. Fear the palytoxin!

    Post by ericpkeith on Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:45 pm

    I just wanted to remind everyone to ALWAYs wear gloves and a mask when handling Zoas. And wash hands and arms with soap and water when done.

    Though not all Zoas have palytoxin, why take a chance? What is palytoxin? Google it and read about it on other forums. It will make you very sick and perhaps cause permanent damage.

    Last year I got really sick right after handling my Zoas with a bare hand in my tank. I can't say for certain it was palytoxin but probably was as I rarely get sick and haven't run a fever since I was a kid.  Anyway, I handled a rock with green zoas and got slime'd pretty bad by them from manhandling. Sad to say, I got distracted and forgot to wash my hands, only towel dried. Shortly after I ate a snack. Well, within a few hours I was very ill, which lasted nearly a week and also hospitalized me. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong, as they clearly weren't expecting palytoxin poisoning. I had a high fever (for me anyway), severe stomach cramps, vomit, etc. Also, my body was under tremendous stress and fatigue, which required some fun drugs for both body and mind (dreams were terrible/heart raced...ugh!!!).

    Read other people stories and you'll see that it's no joke...and will train-wreck matter who you are. I'm a legend in my own mind and it kicked my ass.

    Stay safe!

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