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    Post by bshow24 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:45 pm

    Well, Cory has been on me about getting my tank up (he knows it will help me as I only semi know what I am doing currently) Razz so I figure I will introduce myself and my tanks here.

    I'm Bryce, from Newbury Park. Been in the hobby for about 3 years now. Have 2 tanks, 28 gallon and 8 gallon, and am newly venturing into corals. Here are my tank set ups:

    28 gallon:
    AR 620 Tank
    4 x 24 watt Nova Extreme (currently 2 actinic and 2 12k lamps)
    Eshopps 300 Hang on Back overflow
    MP-10 at about 60%
    2 Ocellaris Clowns
    1 Engineer Goby
    too many snails and crabs running around everywhere
    My miniature frag rack features:
    -rock with about 50 eagle eye zoas
    -frag of black widow (2 on there)
    -frag of red hornet (very small as of now)
    -frag of single rasta

    this tank currently has a lid using white egg crate. Going to switch to black (as Cory suggested) once I get some. Also, once I get some more cured rock in this thing, I will start getting more corals. This was originally planned as a fish only but now that I have the capability to put corals into it, I am planning on doing so. The lights for this will be changing on Friday. I ordered 2 blue+, 1 purple+, and one coral+ light from ATI and will put those on when they get here.

    8 gallon:
    8 gallon Rimless from Innovative Marine
    70 Watt Current Usa Sunpod Metal Halide Light (14k)
    Custom PVC Overflow
    MP-10 at lowest setting
    2 Picasso Clowns
    1 Emerald Crab
    3 Scarlet Hermits
    About 15 snails
    3 headed frogspawn
    about 15 mushrooms (started at 10 and growing rapidly)
    a rock with about 20 yellow polyps (I dont like them, but my mom apparently does...)

    lid is window screen right now. Going to switch to black egg crate once I find some.

    Custom 10 gallon sump:
    I used just a general 10 gallon tank from petco for my sump. Both my tanks are connected to the same sump so all water is the same (makes it easier for testing and moving things about. Sump is set up where the drain pipes go into the skimmer section, which then overflows, goes through a bubble trap, and ends up on the return pump section. The pump then t's off going up so it hits my miniature refugium (this drains back into the return pump section). My pump then goes up and splits off between the two tanks. It doesn't look pretty but it was my first sump and it works Razz

    Sump details:
    SWC 120 Protein Skimmer
    Danner Mag Drive 5 (500 GPH) return pump
    Refugium with 4 inch DSB and some Chaeto (need more chaeto)

    Here are some pictures:

    If anyone has any ideas, things I could get, things I could do, just throw em out there. I will be looking at eventually doing a DIY auto top off in the near future, as well as adding more corals of all kinds and possibly an anemone. I actually want to put the anemone in first so that it can settle in and move around and then I can place my corals after that. The goal of the two tanks is to use the 8 gallon as a growing tank and then use the 28 as more of a display tank. for the corals I have.

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    Re: Introduction

    Post by dwolson2 on Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:22 am

    Looks great! Few questions and comments for you:
    Is there a light over the chaeto? You shouldn't ever need more unless your system is ultra low nutrients, in which the chaeto would kind of be pointless.
    Talk to Jimmy(sisterlimonpot) about the ato, he knows how to build one relatively simple
    Any of your clowns laying eggs?

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    Re: Introduction

    Post by bshow24 on Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:35 am

    I do have a light, it is a small clamp on one I got. Not much power but from what I have heard you do not need much for chaeto. None of the clowns have laid eggs quite yet. The ones in the 28 seem to be getting close/may have already done so because I always see the male cleaning the rocks. But have never seen any eggs there. The Picassos (the one I want to lay eggs!) are youngins. Only 8 months old at this point in time so I have not seen them doing anything quite yet. Hopefully soon they will though.

    Thanks for the info on the diy ato, I need it with both these tanks on the same sump. Water evaporates like crazy.

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    Re: Introduction

    Post by nikecivic on Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:45 am

    Looks good! Very Happy You to fill it up with more corals.

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    Re: Introduction

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